Best Helper for Purchasing

Relying on rich resources and mature operating pattern, We are able to provide customers with excellent products, prices of advantages and high-grade services. In accordance with our missions to "create maximum values for customers continuously, build inventory data of excellence and advantage permanently, and the more the data are, the better the result will be", customer demands can be satisfied from aspects of one-stop electronic component supply as well as electronic components in small or bulk batches.

Resources & Capabilities

Market competitiveness is maintained by rapidly responding to all inquiries and lowering down both trading hours and transaction costs of procurement.

The industry-leading ERP formulated by the company has comprehensive functions and powerful data.

Excellent industrial prestige and a close relationship with suppliers are our unique supports.

As the world-leading electronic component distributor, Hoking profoundly understand that the price of electronic components and their purchase quantity are inseparable. By virtue of large amounts of customer resources, Hoking is able to integrate customer demands effectively for the purpose of centralized procurement.

As the world-leading electronic component distributor, Hoking profoundly understand regional price differences widely existing in various regions of the world. Dependent upon powerful ERP inventory data, Hoking are able to provide price advantages with global competitiveness for customers.

Thanks to an operating pattern of being an independent distributor, Hoking possess plentiful supply sources from various places all around the world including the storage of Hoking itself, the original factory, OEM, ODM, OBM, agents, prompt goods dealers and distributors as well.