Shenzhen Hoking Industry Co.,Ltd

Since 2010 Shenzhen Hoking Industry Co.,Ltd  Technology Co., Ltd have been a valued business partner for a lot of IT Resellers, Manufacturers and Designers , working closely to facilitate the sale and deployment of software and hardware solutions throughout customer bases.

In the last 13 years we have successfully transitioned our business to distribute an extended product portfolio, consisting of five core product areas, Integrated Circuits, Capacitor, Module, Diode and Connector.

We pride ourselves with 50 brand sources to assemble the quality products in a timely manner. Started as IC company,  we fit our customer’s expectations by continually improving the effectiveness of our Quality Management System that involves every employee of every standards of our company. At present, we evolved into Hybrid Distributor.

Our relationships of vendors and customers are based on a solid history of trust and results for many years. Our customers’ functionality requirements would be addressed under the strict standard ISO9001 , and customer service and communication have been placed on the highest value.

Our advantages

Full process encompassing all aspects  of products from procurement to direct shipment to customers.

Competitive pricing on all projects

Extremely fast turn-around times

The best products with the valued quality standards - that is why we succeed.

One-Stop Sourcing

Shenzhen Hoking Industry Co.,Ltd brings you tens of thousands of products in more than 40 different categories, including consumer  electronics, components, Buyers of these products are in more than 190 countries and regions and exchange hundreds of thousands of messages with suppliers on the platform every day.

Screening quality suppliers for you, genuine guarantee

Quality Assurance


We have passed the ISO9001 Certification and ISO14001 Certification,This is a great quality guarantee for our customers

View PDF for ISO9001 Certification

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View PDF for ISO13485 Certification

Original And Brand New Products , 365 Days Warranty

There are many fake parts in the global electronics supply chain, which would have caused serious issues and bad consequences for customers.

we promises that all products originate from the original distribution channel and provide 365 days of quality risk guarantee. If you find that the quality of the product does not conform to the technical parameters of the original factory during the use of the product, we assume the responsibility of quality risk within 365 days.

Professional Tests

There are many fake parts in the global electronics supply chain, which would have caused serious issues and bad consequences for customers.

Our professional test lab . Currently, there are 20+ professional engineers, of which 50% are senior engineers who provide tests in various aspects such as product appearance, performance, compatibility and solution scenarios through the prescriptive testing process and with international profession testing standards to meet diversified testing needs of global customers.

Fast delivery,Original products

we has more than 14+ years experience in this field and knows the importance of time. We guarantee we will arrange shipment in 24 hours after order confirmation and customer will get goods in the fastest time.

we realized there are many fake parts in the global electronics supply chain, which would have caused serious issues and bad consequences for customers. Therefore, we firmly believe that only by obtaining sources from authorized suppliers with enhanced quality test could it be safe and reliable.

Why choose us?

Cost Reduction

With our network of vetted and specialized electronic suppliers, we can consolidate the supply chain process. This allows us to provide our consumers with quality original electronic components at competitive prices.

Global Sourcing

Our network of suppliers consists of Original Component Manufacturers ,Original Equipment Manufacturers , and authorized independent distributors from around the globe. As a result, we can source components to meet our customers’ specifications.

Inventory Management

Our company has established an ideal ERP supply chain management system, which accurately matches dozens of inquires with excess inventories of our customers. We aim to help customers maintain balanced and available inventories while reducingoperating costs.